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Privileged Access Management

While a lot gets done to protect assets in an enterprise, somewhat abysmal attention is paid to Privilege Access Management – or those who have been accorded special access rights to critical assets – therefore, it remains a major concern area  in the cyber security threat landscape.  Cyber criminals and hackers target these account systematically as – if  this could be cracked,  further foray into the larger reach of  the organisation becomes all the more easier. It has been a difficult task to administer and control such key accounts so vital to the organisations, however, ensuring not hampering their day-to-day functioning and allowing ample room for activities which are legitimate and central to the operations of the organisation. It is thus important to identify a solution that is of greater value, at the same time current in technology and futuristic in its approach.

Why is the solution relevant and important to an enterprise?

The quintessential objective of a Privilege Access Management solution is to reduce the possibilities of malicious users gaining access; at the same time augmenting your control and awareness. Deploying sophisticated skills attackers obtain access credentials in no time and render themselves difficult to be traced.

The advent and adoption of cloud computing and virtualisation has added more complexities in to organisations’ IT operations; requiring organisations to allocate resources on demand while ensuring permission and access control is accorded dynamically. It is, under these circumstances, it is  imperative for organisations to formulate access control policies  in order to reduce the risk of running insider attacks, accidental or intentional misuse as well as that of external hacking attempts.

The answer to mitigate these issues is to implement a centralised access management solution. The end users are not required to be given access to administrator privileges or even power user status – granular access systems can ensure the necessary business centric applications are given access so as to ensure smooth functioning of organisations thereby necessary compliance are adhered too.

 What benefits will the enterprise derive by implementing the solution?

Organizations are immensely benefited by implementing a PAM solution.  While the initial need is to bring forth solutions that will take control of internal access systems and control; the extended need will be to address future business challenges and collaborations with external contractors and freelancers who will have to be given access too, as they are crucial to the day-to-day functioning. Compliance in various industries are of utmost importance; strict adherence could avoid huge penalties which may be slapped, lawsuits filed against data loss and breaches, thereby tarnishing the organisational image.  While it is required to make some investments  to implement a PAM solution, it is worthwhile doing so, as it  will certainly cost  millions  of dollars in collateral damages, if a breach occurs and your need to fire fight to bring the reputation back on rail; a hard task indicated by studies conducted by experts.

Who does Cyberton represent to provision this technology?

Cyberton recommends Secton’s Spectra PAM solutions

Sectona is a cyber-security company focused on access management technologies helping organizations prevent and detect breaches that occur under the cover of insider & external threats.

With its cross-platform and deeply integrated Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution Spectra, Sectona enables enterprises & managed service providers to achieve enhanced security by adopting a refreshed PAM approach. Spectra is purpose-built for cloud first organisations & managed service providers.