Acalvio Technologies

AI-Driven Autonomous Deception
Decoys, Lures, Baits, Honey-tokens, Breadcrumbs
at low, medium and high interaction levels
Enterprise-Scale Distributed Deception Platform
Detection with Precision and Speed
Minimal IT Overhead, slash dwell time
Guide hackers to baits; eliminate malicious actors
Fluid Deception
Just-in-time decoy creation
Vary decoy interaction level dynamically to match the attack

Acalvio Technologies

Acalvio provides Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) solutions to detect, engage and respond to malicious activity inside the perimeter.

The solutions are anchored on patented innovations in Deception and Data Science. This enables a DevOps approach to ATD, enabling ease of deployment, monitoring and management. Acalvio enriches its threat intelligence by data obtained from internal and partner ecosystems, enabling customers to benefit from defense in depth, reduce false positives, and derive actionable intelligence for remediation.

Deception Threat Defence On Premise

Acalvio's ShadowPlex is based on patented innovations and designed for Enterprise IT, IoT and ICS environments. It is an Autonomous, Enterprise-Scale Distributed Deception Platform (DDP) addressing large enterprise needs.

Deception Threat Defence for the Cloud

ShadowPlex Cloud, a fundamentally new platform designed to protect cloud assets. ShadowPlex Cloud detects malicious activity within public cloud environments with precision and speed - AWS, Azure and Google GCP