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Founded in 2004 to combat the alarming rise in web application attacks, Acunetix is the market leader, and a pioneer in automated web application security technology. Acunetix automatically tests websites and web applications for SQL Injection, XSS, XXE, SSRF, Host Header Attacks & over 4500 other web application vulnerabilities. In addition, Acunetix provides powerful Vulnerability Management tools for ensuring vulnerabilities are not only discovered, but remediated in context of business-criticality; as well as providing management with the tools and reports required to make strategic decisions.

Acunetix is depended on globally by individual pen-testers and consultants, all the way to large organizations such as the Pentagon, Nike, Disney, Adobe and many more

Highest SQL Injection and
XSS Detection Rate

Acunetix rigorously tests for thousands of web application vulnerabilities including SQL Injection and XSS. Againt Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) what matters is how well it can crawl and scan an application

Lowest False Positives
in the industry

Acunetix’s unique AcuSensor Technology for .NET, PHP and JAVA enhances a regular dynamic scan through the deployment of sensors inside the source code. AcuSensor then relays the feedback to the scanner during the source code’s execution.