Deception Threat Defense

Nexgen Deception Threat Defence
Deploy decoys, stall the intruder advance
Accurate Detection. Timely Detection. Cost-Effective Detection
Detect, Engage, Respond
Achieve high fidility Detections
Capture advanced multistage attacks by engaging the adversaries and respond comprehensively
Enhanced Threat Detection with High Accuracy
Single out the intruder
Obfuscate the real assets in the infrastructure with decoys

Deception Threat Defense

No matter what solutions are deployed, the intruder edges a step ahead to find a way to breach the defense systems in an enterprise, often times with great success. As such organizations find themselves wanting to deploy more robust solutions to strengthen their security posture.  Deception Threat Defense is one such that has gained momentum to bring value to enterprise security.

Why is this solution relevant and important to an enterprise?

Just as you task the SIEM | SOC to be the point from which to get alerts on malicious activities, it is often just not enough to be fully secure with the myriad of elaborate defenses you stack against internal as well as external threats.  Disruptive Deception technologies when deployed in an enterprise, it  can place decoys all over which would appear to be live assets to the intruder triggering easy alerts, thereby enabling security professionals to take corrective action instantaneously.  Nextgen Deception technologies integrate with pre-existing technologies bringing in added  visibility into the internal networks and  open up high probability alerts and threat intelligence in the enterprise security rollout. 

Ponemon Institute recently found that the average time required to detect a breach was 191 days and the average time required to contain a breach was 66 days – if this is considered a lot could be at risk at an enterprise despite the best known defenses positioned. This stresses the need for solutions which would provide early leads to what activities are at play.

 What benefits will the enterprise derive by implementing the solution?

Deception Threat Defense provides enterprises a unique advantage against intruders which typically other security solutions fail to extend – very early and accurate visibility to malicious activities by deploying decoys to trap intruders as they begin exploring the premise post a breach has occurred. Intruders, once access is gained, looks to find its ideal target, this is where decoys come in hand,  as it connects to a decoy – it can immediately sense the activity and alert the systems to take corrective actions – which typically takes  more time as other security systems generate a lot of alerts often resulting in high false positives to wade through.  The security professionals in large organizations struggle to get visibility so that they can take a corrective action; what is needed here is timely – select information, which matured Deception technologies provide.  In a way, once an intruders is spotted with  the deception technology,  security professionals have the option to watch as the act unfolds, gather about the nature of attack and learn how these acts will spread in the network – this will help to lead to eliminate the attack with much ease.

Who does Cyberton represent to provision this technology?

Cyberton represents Acalvio Technologies  – the nextgen Deception Threat Defense to address the enterprise needs.

Acalvio based in Santa Clara, USA,  provides Advanced Threat Defense (ATD)  solutions to detect, engage and respond to malicious activity inside the perimeter. The solutions are anchored on patented innovations in Deception and Data Science. This enables a DevOps approach to ATD, enabling ease of deployment, monitoring and management. Acalvio enriches its threat intelligence by data obtained from internal and partner ecosystems, enabling customers to benefit from defense in depth, reduce false positives, and derive actionable intelligence for remediation.