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Mojo Networks

Mojo Networks is  a world leader in WiFi and Wireless intrusion prevention systems  and are revolutionising WiFi through the power of the cloud and open standards. Mojo  liberates networks from proprietary hardware and utilises the full power of the cloud to deliver cognitive WiFi: a self-driving network that makes things remarkably simple and reliable at massive scale. Mojo Network’s innovations empower IT with better user experiences, more options, and more velocity, all at much lower costs.

Mojo Networks’ Cognitive WiFi harnesses the power of cloud, big data analytics, automation, and self-awareness to deliver a pristine experience to your WiFi users – all the time, in every location, regardless of what devices and applications are deployed. Mojo believes in Open Standards  for everything.

WiFi Solutions

Never be trapped in the high brand lock in. Deploy world class WiFi solutions from Mojo Networks and join the marque of reputed organisations who are already benefiting from the power of open standards solutions.

WIPS Solutions

Protect your infrastructure from Rogue Access Points by enabling world renowned Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems from Mojo Networks who have been in market for more than a decade and a half - and it is all free when you purchase Access Points from Mojo Networks - no question asked