Web Vulnerability Management

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Web Vulnerability Management

It is not uncommon, loads of security solutions are deployed at an enterprise, but scant regard is given to vulnerabilities existing in your website, which hackers would like to delight on ! Without much efforts hackers go past traditional protection systems such as Firewalls, SSL and hardened networks and in  no time can take control of your website,  as often websites poorly secured, and untested web applications run on them rendering themselves vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Why is this solution relevant and important to an enterprise?

No doubt the advent of transacting on the internet has come of age; but several of the applications supporting these systems are untested and bought off-shelf with little attention paid to preexisting vulnerabilities which malicious hackers prowl on. Detection of such hard to unearth vulnerabilities very common and it takes no time for a skilled hacker to reck havoc on your site.  Consistent scanning, therefore, is recommended by using well-tested vulnerability scanners which have the capabilities to detect emerging threats.

 What benefits will the enterprise derive by implementing the solution?

According to a survey conducted by  Gartner, almost three-fourths of all attacks are targeted exploiting vulnerabilities existing in  Web applications. A determined hacker has an arsenal of tools and techniques to outwit the protections systems you believe you have for your website. They use systematic plan execution and could take control of your website, gather as much information as they can, leaving you to face your customers and the trust they depose  in you.  In a nutshell, a Web application scanner is an automated security program that searches for software vulnerabilities within Web applications. It  first crawls the entire website, analyzing in-depth each file it finds, and displaying the entire website structure. After this discovery stage, it performs an automatic audit for common security vulnerabilities by launching a series of Web attacks. Web application scanners check for vulnerabilities on the Web server, proxy server, Web application server and even on other Web services.

Who does Cyberton represent to provision this technology?

Cyberton represents Acunetix  – the most feature rich Web Vulnerability Scanner

Founded in 2004 to combat the alarming rise in web application attacks, Acunetix is the market leader, and a pioneer in automated web application security technology. Acunetix automatically tests websites and web applications for SQL Injection, XSS, XXE, SSRF, Host Header Attacks & over 4500 other web application vulnerabilities. In addition, Acunetix provides powerful Vulnerability Management tools for ensuring vulnerabilities are not only discovered, but remediated in context of business-criticality; as well as providing management with the tools and reports required to make strategic decisions.

Acunetix is depended on globally by individual pen-testers and consultants, all the way to large organizations such as the Pentagon, Nike, Disney, Adobe and many more